Monday, October 26, 2009

The Public Option

It's in there! At last, the possibility of competitive insurance programs for the citizens of this nation. No doubt the right-wing is on fire with the news. Who the hell cares about them, anyway. The just say no collusion!

So it will be an 'opt out' option- a plan that permits an entire state to just say no to insurance competition. Hope that the state of Ohio has brains enough not to do that. Kent Conrad of North Dakota was lured aboard through this opt-out provision because he gets a lot of campaign money from the one insurance company that serves 87% of North Dakotans. I guess they like having one insurance company. Beats me, though.

Will the exemption from the anti-trust laws for insurance be eliminated in this bill? Who gave an exemption to them in the first place? No wonder our citizens go bankrupt from medical costs. So much for democracy, right Mr. Insurance man?

Now we will sit back and watch the Republicans in the House and Senate tell us why giving 'choice' is such a bad thing for this nation. Isn't it ironic that the GOP, the party that always demanded the freedom to choose in the business world, now wants to limit our choices.

The party of nowhere.

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