Friday, October 5, 2007

Christians United for Israel: Dangerous Military Zealots

Bill Moyer's Journal this evening on PBS focused on a group of evangelical Christians, Christians United for Israel, whose leader, John Hagee, is encouraging President Bush to pre-emptively strike Iran 'before they get nuclear weapons.' This fanatical leader says he had 50,000 pastors and their congregations behind this military move 'to save Israel.'

The end-timers in his organization, dream of Armageddon occurring soon, in their life time, right there in Israel, where Jesus will come and take them directly to heaven. Christians United for Israel are lobbying Congress and are finding many members sympathetic to their cause. Senators Mc Cain and Lieberman fully support such a military move.

What a scary group of people these folks are to our democracy! They want to use the power of the United States military to begin the end-times so that they can get to heaven now.

I have not heard such skewed thinking like this in all of my 6 decades as a US citizen. But, they take advantage of two things which might lead to success for their harebrained idea. First is a lackadaisical citizenry who is unplugged and disinterested in politics. Second, they see in George Bush a man with nothing to lose by initiating such a military strike. After all, he talks with God and he has been sent by God.

Frightening? Totally! Spread the word about these un-American fundamentalists who seek to ruin our way of life here in America.

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