Thursday, October 4, 2007

Quigley for Toledo Mayor

Chad Quigley is contemplating a run for mayor of Toledo. He has the chutzpah to pull it off. He has begun a new blog for the purpose of introducing himself and his ideas to his fellow Toledoans.

He lives in the inner city and has spent a great deal of time bringing new life back to home on Putnam Street. The result can be seen in this photo. Chad has been very active in neighborhood improvement and safety. Unfortunately and not unusual, he has run into red tape when trying to deal with city bureaucracy.
Nonetheless, he does not give up the good fight to bring his neighborhood back to its once good standing in the city. In fact, I had an uncle who lived on Putnam all of his life and that street was once a grand display of many fine, well-kept homes. You can read more of his efforts on neighborhood improvements as well as his own personal struggle with safety in his area on this blog.
Good luck, Chad, and drop by to tell us the latest in your quest.

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