Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Longing for the Truth: And its Consequences

My vertigo keeps me away from roller coasters and cleaning the gutters. On rare occasions my head spins for no apparent reason. Antivert® to the rescue! I wonder if I'm so inundated by the daily barrage of spin from 'inconvenient truth' that my sensibilities have become inactive.

Just yesterday there was a story of the Chinese toy conundrum: to buy or not to buy- that is the parents' question. Not to worry, said a representative for the Chinese toy industry, 'let the children decide.' Yes, that's what he said. My wife and I shock our heads and reached for the off button. More money for the Mattel Corporation.

CNN reported that there aren't enough meat inspectors to safely assure the public that the product they are about to consume is safe. Yet, buried in the recently passed Farm Bill is a provision to do away with federal inspection of meat; the states ought to do it. The Congressmen forgot to read the bill before voting, 'Aye.' Don't worry though, the state inspectors will do a good job. Who doubts that meat producers will flock to the states with the most lax inspection standards? More money for the businessman.

Blackwater CEO Erik Prince assured lawmakers on Capitol Hill yesterday that the men in his private security force are all professionals and only shoot in defending their clients. They have sucked a billion tax dollars from the Treasury. A job at Blackwater is a dream world for the 20-something angry white male: all the gun power to keep the dark-skinned people at your mercy. It's the best violent video game with 'real life' action. Another CEO sitting atop a pile of money.

Wisconsin Democrat Obey wanted to introduce a bill yesterday for a war tax. Rather than adding a trillion dollars to the National debt, he said, let's pay for the war as we go along. Outrage! shouted the White House and the Republicans. There goes those tax and spend Democrats! was the cry heard all across the land. Speaker Pelosi, deer-in-the-headlights look, couldn't imagine such legislation. Oh no, not us! We're not tax and spend Democrats, we're borrow and spenders, just like the Republicans. Whitened sepulcher politicians.

I had intended to give some more examples but the spin, the bobbing and weaving forces me to lie down.

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