Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Is Our Children Healthy: Sequel to The C+ President

What do you get when you mix war and health care in the same budget? Of course. But the further question is this: Why were so many American citizens so ignorant when they elected him back in 2000? Wait. I've a better question: Should those folks who voted to re-elect him in 2004 have their voting license suspended for the rest of their natural lives?

I wonder how the GOP spinmeisters will handle the veto of the Children's Health Bill? Perhaps one of our local Bush apologists will offer an answer. They show up here on a regular basis.

I would have to advise, however, that in their spin, they dare not use the word money or the phrase 'too expensive' or 'budget-buster.'

A bit of preemption here: one cannot both support a veto in health care for our children citizens and at the same time cheer spending 5 times that amount on a war. After all, "We the People" ought to come before some idiotic and frivolous war.

Mr. Bush: the teachers were generous with your grades.

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