Friday, December 14, 2007

Rich Bitch About Taxes; Pentagon Out of Money

Two things for certain: death and taxes. My previous post about the Federal Inheritance tax drew some angry comments from two folks who think the rich pay too much tax. Both Republicans, not surprising. Patriots too. They love America. It's paying tax that irritates them. Especially having to pay tax on money they inherit: they want the whole enchalada.

The Pentagon will lay off 100,000 workers in a few weeks: seems there isn't enough money to pay for them and for the soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq. The till is emptying fast. Apparently the $500,000,000,000 of tax-payer dollars has been spent fighting the two Bush Wars.

Were this a mom and pop store, the OUT of BUSINESS sign would have been freshly hung on the window. Were this a corporation, heads would have rolled. But this is the people's money so what the hell, who cares?

Apparently rich folks. That 1% who control 48% of the money in America. Mr. Bush had been good to them, making sure that their share of taxes were lowered on a regular basis. Just check the gift registry at the White House this Christmas.

"Gimme more!" is hardly a Christian demand as Jesus told his disciples to sell everything before joining him. "Gimme more!" is hardly a patriotic demand either. Imagine if folks in the colonies refused to fund Washington's army. Imagine if during WWII folks didn't plant victory gardens and collect tin and limit their meat intake so that the troops would have enough food to fight them 'over there.'

Just this morning we read that, to avoid another Bush veto, a war tax on big oil, unable to overcome a Republican filibuster against the new taxes, had to be removed from the bill. Republicans sure know how to protect the billion dollar corporate interests.

Guns or butter? For the GOP is is guns and butter. "Gimme more!"

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