Thursday, December 13, 2007

Major Error By FirstEnergy Caused Much Pain and Anguish

They shut her power off and told her she had a $600 electric bill to pay. Her 7 children and her mother huddled around the small kerosene heater to try to keep warm. They lit candles so that the school-age children could do their homework. For two full weeks in freezing weather, FirstEnergy refused to restore the power to this family.

I wrote about this situation here and about her 14-year-old autistic son whose clothes caught fire trying to warm himself in this article. This afternoon my wife discovered, while visiting the boy in the hospital, that FirstEnergy made a gross error and she did not owe $600 at all! The $600 was from the previous tenant who left town without paying it.

What Fortune 500 company operates with this incompetence?

This family has suffered a great deal at the hands of FirstEnergy. Two weeks of living in a house as cold as a meat locker because of incompetence! An autistic boy needing skin grafts because he was so cold he leaned on the stove to warm his bones, literally.

I hope Anthony J Alexander, CEO of FirstEnergy, has some discomfort of his own over this debacle. Fortune 500 Corporation? Sure!

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