Saturday, January 5, 2008

Let's Talk Recession

Oh no, not the 'R' word! Say it ain't so, Joe! No, not that, anything but that!

In denial. The entire nation is in denial. Naturally Bush/Cheney are in denial, but then their entire 7 years has been in denial. Congress doesn't care either. No action on that at all.

I watched Mad Money with Jim Cramer on MSNBC last evening. He was dour, downbeat, and worried, most unlike himself. He knows. He sees the numbers, he watches the trends. The market lost 220 points yesterday and has lost 400 in the first days of 2008. He said that there might be 40 'good stocks' left if you want to hedge your losses. Maybe 70 at best.

What's wrong with us Americans that we keep our heads deeply buried in the sand like an ostrich? Can't we deal with reality? Ignoring the on-coming freight train doesn't make it stop. Are we too worn out to care anymore? Have we been conned too many times? Is that why we over-eat? Is food the soothing salve?

With Congress and Bush at the helm, we are a rudderless Ship of State with a tsunami approaching. But just turn on a sit-com and grab a bag of chips and all will be fine.

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