Thursday, January 3, 2008

Toledo Mayor Has New Toady Girl

Toledo's mayor, Carleton S. Finkbeiner, has a new toady girl on council that helped his other toady become Council president. Lindsay Webb had her arm twisted by the mayor and broke her promise, casting her vote for newly-elected Mark Toady Sobczak. The mayor appealed to his usual Republican bloc of votes plus independent Mike Collins who, along with Webb and Sobczak gave the mayor just what he wanted.

As a result, the nasty A-team, B-team political war continues to rage in Toledo politics. Finkbeiner, who has run as a Republican and independent, ran and won as a B-team Democrat, a faction that grabbed the leadership of the local Democratic Party. Sobczak was the only remaining B-team Democrat on Council, but with the coalition of the Republicans and Lindsay Webb, they are back in power.

With all of the problems facing the city of Toledo, the city does not need a political spat between Council and the mayor, but that is exactly what it is ahead for the beleaguered city. Once again, Carleton Finkbeiner proves that he is the master of divisiveness. Lindsay Webb will have lots of explaining to do to her constituents.

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