Saturday, January 5, 2008

Right-wing Blogger Bob Frantz from WTAM Cleveland

Bob Frantz spouts his daily rant [his wannabe Limbaugh] to his 'thousands' of listeners throughout the Cleveland area on WTAM-AM radio. The ne'erdowell broadcaster has found his niche there after he was canned by WSPD here in Toledo. He still sports his devil-imaging facial hair, no doubt to scare off anybody who disagrees with his point of view. Bob will always be Bob.

I was told of his blog in an email recently and went over for a bit of nostalgia. His topic of the day was Agenda for 2008 Democratic National Convention

Bob is a right-wing Republican as if one couldn't guess. His 'agenda' has the usual rants against blacks, gays, Ted Kennedy, immigrants... you know, the whole agenda:

7:00 P.M. - Opening flag burning

7:15 P.M. - Pledge of Allegiance to U.N.

7:30 P.M. - Ted Kennedy proposes a toast to immigrant voters

7:30 - 8:00 P.M. Non-religious Prayer and Worship Service: Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton

Poor Bob, still fighting the 'liberal agenda.' Still as prejudiced as ever. Still a lousy debater. Speaking of debate, I challenged him on his blog about some of his comments but, ZAP! my comments were deleted.

Funny, he called me 'Mike Ferner.' No kidding. He said, "Ya, I know you, Mike. Mike Ferner the guy who..." and on with his raging lunacy against Ferner.

Poor Bob, delusional too.

Well, after only two days of my posting there, he cut me off. He now has the key to control: comment moderation. Comment moderation allows the blogmeister to 'review' the comments and then decide whether to post them. Most right-wing blogs have that, so that they can control the conversation.

Poor Bob, control freak.

You can look up his blog if you care to, but if you challenge his views, you won't see your comments. Bob likes it that way: it keeps him from having to defend his beliefs. I invited Bob to come over here and enjoy some freedom of speech. You know how those right-wingers enjoy freedom of speech.

How about your favorite topic, Bob: George Bush's wonderful preemptive invasion of Iraq? You know how you loved that, Bob. Tell us more about fighting them over there, about bring'n freedom [except speech] to those islamofascists, about spreading democracy.

You know the script, bob. Let it all hang out, Bob.

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