Thursday, January 3, 2008

Palace of the Sheik of Abu Dhabi

I just received several photos from a friend in Germany who vacationed in Abu Dhabi with his family. Here is the palace of the Sheik of Abu Dhabi:

It's good to know that the sheik has comfortable living quarters; after all, a man of his repute deserves the best. Here's a Wikipedia analysis of Abu Dhabi:

"As the wealthiest Emirate, Abu Dhabi is also considered the richest city in the world. Each of Abu Dhabi's 420,000 citizens is worth $17 million (AED 62 million), and more than $1 trillion is invested worldwide in this city alone. Yet according to CNN, "guest workers," who constitute the majority of the population, "do not share the wealth.""

Surprise? By the way, here's a trivia question to ponder: how much U.S. debt is owned by this sheikdom? Second question: is the sheik on a first-name basis with Dick Cheney?

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