Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Bush Flees to Africa to Find Warm Welcome

His poll ratings are about 30%. His war is stuck. The economy is tanking. Recession is around the corner. What's a disgraced president to do? Fly to Africa to have people smile and applaud him. Odd, isn't it and somewhat ironic? Black folks cheering the man. Not many black folks here would. Not many white folks either. In the photo at right it looks as if he's checking out black skin for the first time in his life.

What a sad scene- he and Laura tramping through primitive villages handing out money for AIDS, withholding condoms for Jesus' sake.

Too bad he and Laura can't travel to Baghdad. Wouldn't that have been a proud moment! He could have walked over to that pedestal where Saddam once stood before the Army pulled it down. He could have climbed atop it and proclaimed, "Mission Accomplished!" once more before his presidency peters out.

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