Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Two Victory Speeches After Wisconsin

John McCain and Barack Obama both gave victory speeches after their win in Wisconsin. I listened to them both. What a contrast. They could not have been more different in both style and substance.

Mr. McCain had to read each word from the TelePrompter in front of him. He was terribly poor at that; he should have studied Ronald Reagan's technique. Very little emotion or passion was noted in the words. And the words: apparently he is going to save us from those terrorists who are just waiting to attack us. Maybe it would have struck some chord were this November 2001 or even 2002, but after watching the dopey war on Iraq as some sort of extension on that 'war on terror,' it is clear that neither he nor Bush understand what terrorism is all about.

On the other hand, Mr. Obama talked from his heart- no TelePrompter, no written speech. Off his head, from his soul. Hope along with practicality; that was his message. Dream but keep your feet on the ground. Wish, but plan. His was a message that resonated with the heart and soul of citizens hungry for uplifting, looking for real ideas, real leadership. There was little talk of war or terrorists. Folks are more afraid of their job, their mortgage payments, the bills coming due, their health care costs, their children's future.

Bush and Cheney have bamboozled the citizens for 7 long and tiring years. One can only play the Wolf! Wolf! card so many times before the people turn away and look to the wolves in their own lives. McCain needs a new message that will resonate with the people who feel they have been terrorized in their own nation.

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