Monday, February 18, 2008

Mona Charen- Wrong on Wisdom, Wrong on Judgment

Poor Mona Charen, she tries so hard to make a point, but does it so poorly. Take her latest entry, "Obama: Old Wine, New Bottle," for example. She is critical of Obama for, as she puts it, "He claims to be all about the future, but his policy ideas are about as modern as disco and the leisure suit."

Odd, isn't it for a conservative writer like Ms Charen to denigrate somebody for looking back. Lord, how often have I heard each GOP candidate light a votive light under the picture of Ronald Reagan. Imagine, the 'conservative party' not wanting to look back to the good old days.

I think that scares Charen. A Democrat looking back to the days when Democrats stood with the people. The party that gave them Social Security and Medicare, that promoted unions and the minimum wage, as well as safety standards in the workplace. The party of the ordinary man. That scares her, because she wants us to live in LaLa Land, the fear-mongering land of terrorists!

I found today's linked article on the Jewish World Review which archived her op eds way back to the 2000 election. I checked out her column on election morning 2000 and found this interesting comment:

In choosing the distinguished Dick Cheney as his running mate, and by surrounding himself with highly intelligent and eminent advisors, Bush has given hints both of good judgment and of solid self-confidence.

Oh, yes indeed, Ms. Charen, distinguished and eminent advisors and good judgment too!

Perhaps that statement alone causes a person to wonder about your own wisdom and judgment. Nice spin on Obama, by the way, but, as usual, way off the mark.

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