Monday, February 18, 2008

The Young Turks of America

[a guest-posting by EngineerofKnowledge]

In the early 1900’s there was a political movement in the Ottoman Empire known as the “Young Turks.” The “Young Turks” movement emerged in reaction to a declining regional influence, declining economic situation domestically, with a desire for a political change that was very much a limited and tunnel vision based on a religious point of view. The backbone of the movement was formed by young military officers who were especially disturbed by the continuing decline of the Ottoman power and attributed the crisis to the absence of an environment for change to a world they saw through their own views. The new Turkish nationalism which was xenophobic and exclusionary in its thinking soon attributed the decline to those who did not agree with their viewpoint or belonged to their religious following. The new “Young Turks” policies threatened to undo the tattered fabric of a multi-ethnic and multi-religious society. Taking advantage of the political confusion reigning in the aftermath of the First Balkan War in which the Ottoman Empire lost. The “Young Turk” movement monopolized political powers domestically first by bring the Parliament completely under its influence. To consolidate more of the Turkish rule, the “Young Turks” devised in secret, a program for the extermination of the Armenian Population. The Young Turks” had made the Armenian people the target for all the hatred and blame for the Ottoman Empire’s decline. The main thrust of the Armenian Genocide, however, was implemented within the first year in 1915 of World War I. This was years ahead of any imminent collapse. The mass deportation of the civilian Armenian population was carried out in the spring and summer of 1915 and was completed by the fall. The systematic slaughter of the Armenians had started earlier with the murder of the able-bodied Armenian males already drafted into the Ottoman armed forces. To reiterate, those Armenians who were drafted into the Army, fighting for their country, were the first rounded up and shot; exterminated until there were no more Armenian men in the Army. It was soon followed up by rounding up all Armenians, the old men that were left, women and children, then starting a force death march taking them through Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, raping any female no matter the age and killing all along the way. This was the means for spreading out the dead bodies instead of dealing with the problem of trying to build mass graves in one place.

To quote Voltaire who said, “Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.” Our own founding fathers had such great respect for Francois-Marie Arouet de Voltaire; they incorporated many of his views into the formation of the U.S. Constitution. Voltaire, who dared to speak out for the rights of an oppressed people, had educated the masses to think and act for themselves. I am afraid that we have forgotten the lessons of this man who was a great humanitarian of the 18th century.

Here today in the U.S. we have a whole generation that has been bombarded by the propaganda of Conservative Talk Radio, the likes of Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Bill O’ Riley, and Michel Savage. In a recent radio show, conservative talk show host Glen Beck, even admitted that everyone in the radio listening audience has to remember that these Conservative Talk Show Celebrates are entertainers’ first, truth and facts are a far second priority. But yet these “Young Turks of America” generation quotes these entertainers as if everything was based on fact and truth. But when many ask these “Young Turks” to back up their statements with facts and evidence, they are stumped and cannot formulate any supporting statements as evidence to their comments. Many of the “Young Turks” will accept anything that is put forth to them so long as it has been wrapped in the “Conservative” marketing viewpoint. You will even hear Rush say, “If you are a true conservative, a God believing Republican, you will think this way.” Like the Republicans have a monopoly on God. The sin of pride comes to my mind when I hear these statements. Many will refer to themselves as “Ditto Heads,” I prefer the more accurate non-thinking or questioning “Bobble Heads.”

Even though you can see the evidence at both of the earth poles, of large Ice Sheets the size of small states, dropping off into the ocean. They point to the recent large snow storms in China a few weeks ago as if this was proof of no Global Warming. Negating the weather science fact that the warmer the planet, the more evaporation, thus the more moisture falling back to the earth. This week one of the largest Typhoons ever recorded has hit Bangladesh. Hurricanes and Typhoons obtain their strength from the warmth of the oceans as they travel across them. Those purchasing advertising on the Conservative Talk shows are making sure the listening audience is being mislead to think and would like you to believe that Climate Change means Palm Tree sprouting and growing in Boston. They point to Lake Erie effect weather dumping ice storms from Buffalo, NY on into New England as proof there is not Climate Change.

Many of these entertainers’ shows are funded by Oil / Coal corporations making sure that Global Warming / Climate Change is not believed because it could lead to an industry change which may harm their record profit margins. The Oil Industries have such a large influence with this administration that laws have been passed again in the latest Energy Package that for the next five years, they will not pay any taxes on the profits of the industry. Even though this industry is recording the largest profit margins of any industry ever, they will pay no taxes. The CEO’s of this industry are then awarding themselves hundred of million dollars in annual bonuses. The recent contracts between the Government and the Oil Industries which allows them to drill and pump oil from public lands is ignoring the payment to the American Public for the oil that has been removed. To restate, the oil on public lands that all American citizens own, is not being paid to the Government for this oil they have taken. When the government employee within the Department of the Interior pointed this fact out and tried to sue for payment, he was fired by the Department of Interior under this current administration. At the current cost of oil on the free market, this payment would go well into paying down the national debt that every citizen has to burden which is now at $27,000 each at the current debt. Of course this does not account for the continued borrowing of $2.5 million being borrowed on a daily basis or the compounded interests that is being accumulated. As a general rule of thumb over 30 years the $27,000 would be $81,000 owed by every man, woman, and child of the U.S. But because all of this has been wrapped in the cloak of Conservatism, these “Young Turks” think that this is acceptable. They have no clue that for every part of the tax burden that this group does not pay, the burden to operate the Government is thrown onto their backs. But again, this message has been marketed as the “Conservative” viewpoint and should be accepted cart blanch.

Within these ranks of “Young Turks of America” come some people who will stalk and assonate OBGYN doctors and even threaten the doctors’ families because they disagree with the current laws of our country. They believe they are immune from “Thy shall not kill” commandment because God is on their side of this minor Genocide. Again, all wrapped up in the “Conservative” viewpoint blanket.

We also have a group of “Young Turks” touting religious conservative slogans going around the country protesting the funerals of fallen service men because they have been mislead to believe the God is punishing our armed services. Their reason is because we are not persecuting homosexuals in this country. The disrespect to the families of the sons and daughters killed in action, dishonoring a family for the closure of their loss. Brave men and woman who serve with honor are not allowed the proper respect for the sacrifice they have paid. Again, non-questioning marketed Conservative viewpoint is at fault here.

We now have those who are saying that every Mexican in this country needs to be gathered up and those who can prove they are American citizens can stay but those who cannot are to be sent back to Mexico even if it means separating children that were born here but the parents are of Mexican birth. One could say that the U.S. Mexican immigrations are much like the Ottoman Empire’s old Armenian problems. I am sure the “Young Turks of the Ottoman Empire” would be proud of this new “Young Turks of America” because both were follow their Religious Right Conservative Doctrines.

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