Friday, April 25, 2008

Anti-Carter Letters to Editor Smell Fishy

Three anti-Jimmy Carter letters to the editor appeared today in The Blade. Each condemned his efforts to work with the Palestinians in securing their rights in theMiddle East.. A letter by Rollind W. Romanoff began with "good old boy" Jimmy Carter and his radical Muslim buddies." One by Jay Lehr says Carter "lost full access to the intelligence that brought him to a leadership position." The third, authored by Joshua Ball begins, "Am I crazy for believing that former President Jimmy Carter is a few peanuts short of a Snickers bar for meeting with Hamas officials?"

I wonder if these three men got 'writing tips' from the American Zionist Movement, an organization dedicated to " motivate American Jews to accept the Zionist principles that the
Jews the world over is one people, united by a common history, heritage, and destiny, with Israel as the center of Jewish life everywhere and to foster Zionist and Jewish ideals among Jews in the United States and engage in activities on behalf of the Zionist Movement in the
United States."

I'm betting that the three authors are members of this group and receive regular writing tips from the AZM to promote their agenda in the letters to the editor.

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