Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Pennsylvania blue-collar whites back Clinton heavier than usual

"Pennsylvania blue-collar whites back Clinton heavier than usual" is the headline in the Toledo Blade this morning. What does this say about the American voter? Clinton won support from 2 out of 3 whites without college degrees and about the same number of whites from families earning under $50,000 a year, according to preliminary figures from exit polls.

Gun owners, people who attend church at least weekly, and rural residents were all supporting Mrs. Clinton by margins of about 6 in 10 in Pennsylvania.

More rural voters named Mrs. Clinton than Mr. Obama as the candidate who was in touch with people like them.

Overall, 6 in 10 whites were supporting Mrs. Clinton - a slightly stronger showing than usual. Pennsylvania's numerous Catholics and union members were also leaning heavily toward Mrs. Clinton.


OK, that's the data; now, what does it indicate? Were these 'blue-collar whites' offended by Obama's 'bitter' remark? I think so. For the past 8 years, propaganda has had an increasing hold on the psyche of the American voters. Single words and cleverly constructed phrases were able to put Bush/Cheney in the White House. 'Compassionate conservative' comes to mind. Of course, there was a bevy of phrases doled out to sell the war to the citizens. Recall 'Freedom Fries'? Just think of the recent ABC debate question about the tin American flag lapel pin.

These blue-collar whites are an interesting lot and easily bamboozled. What more damage can they do in the November election? Vote for John McCain to 'keep us safe from the terrorists!'

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