Saturday, April 26, 2008

Catholic Priest Defends Rev. Wright and Puts FoxNews Reporter On the Spot

Check out Fr. Michael Pfleger's duel with a naive FoxNews reporter YouTube The young reporter, trying to defend Bill O'Reilly, is clearly outclassed by the priest. The reporter reminds me of some young men who occasionally visit my blog- dropping words and phrases like bombs-hoping to counter my opinions.

FoxNews, as you no doubt have already learned, is all about using words as weapons, painting people and groups with broad strokes, branding them, categorizing them, and subsequently dismissing them. It is quite the adolescent thing to do, yet many people seemingly never advance beyond this stage of development. Father Pfleger calls the reporter on this very tactic again and again, frustrating him and disarming him such that, in the end, the reporter is completely defenseless.

Of course, my use of the term 'reporter' is generous. Clearly the man had an agenda and was not interested in an alternative interpretation of Reverend Wright's comments.

I note that the Republican Party of North Carolina in typical race-bait fashion, is running a political ad featuring the pastor. Jesse Helms would be proud. Racism is alive and festering in the land of the free and home of the brave.

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