Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Did that get everyone's attention? LOL. Don't
you like the hype of the news media...They use
the above title to keep everyone tuned into their
programs. The fourth estate is truly apart of
the elitist conspiracy to destroy the U.S. of the
Founding Fathers.

All morning, CNN has been running the above banner.
First, it was Russia breaks the negotiated cease
fire..Oh, they are so evil....

Lately it has been the U.S. miliatary according to
the Georgian President is to control the seaport and
major airport. The Pentagon is now saying it is just
a relief and humanitarian operation. Sure, with the
U.S. military?

Don't we have enough problems here in the U.S. to
deal with than in some half ass country around the
world? We are bankrupt, home values are collapsing,
the dollar is weak, more unemployment, consumer
purchasing down again, health care impluding, wages
down and stagnant, infrastucture falling apart,
let the litney go one. Yet, the neoconservative
Republican Party insists on rattling sabres in
Georgia...Can't people see through this B. S.? Any
land that has oil under it is fair game for the
neoconservative Republican Party to pillage and
rape, even our own. We are to worry about Georgia,
who was the one doing the attacking, and now that
they got stomped on, they run to their new found ally
and demand protection, while we have all these
domestic problems to deal with...If the Obama campaign
cannot see through all this B.S., and show that the
Republican Party is about oil, religion and money. they
are missing the boat. They ought to tie McCain and his
bellocosity up in a knot. McCain is fit to lead alright,
right into another and large war at the expense of any
domestic reforms. Do U.S. citizens want another war?

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