Monday, August 11, 2008

U.S., Russia, and Georgia

The Russo-Georgia war in bad timing for McCain.
He's out trying to make the most about it, but
it would have played much better for him as an
"October Surprise".

Why is George Bush and why was Bill Clinton
involved in Georgia in the first place. Well,
there is long oil pipeline that runs through
Georgia to its port on the Black Sea. Why are
meddling in the affairs of the Russian political
sphere? Georgia was part of Tsarist Russia, and
it was where Stalin was born and raised. To
think Russia is going to let the Clinton and Bush
meddle at their back door is ridiculous. Would
the U.S. let Russia meddle in Cuba again? So, one
reason is oil, but another reason is that Bush wanted
to make Georgia his prime example of spreading freedom
and democracy. This is not the Sudetenland or
Austria in the 1930s. When will the U.S. learn not
to meddle in the internal affairs of other nations. Bush
goes to the olympic games in China and scolds the Chinese
about their human rights violations and lack of freedom.
And, the Chinese ignore him...While it's no surprise
that McCain supports the U.S. position in Georgia, and,
since Obama is part and parcel of the elitist governing
class, no surprise that he does too....Not a dimes worth
of difference.

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