Wednesday, August 13, 2008

McCain's Self-Destruction

The following is a quote from John McCain re
the Georgia-Russia border crisis:

"In the 21st century nations do not invade
other nations."....John McCain

Now is not this the man who is presenting
himself as the intelligent choice for
Commander-in-Chief? The man who says his
foreign policy credentials are so much
above Obama that Obama can't be trusted to
be a leader.

How stupid can the man (McCain)be, to utter
the above quote? Where was this quote when
he called for war against Iraq, or where was
it when he tried to link the anthrax poisioning
to Iraq, and where was it when he voted to
instigate the Iraq War?

Then, today, the man who McCain says is his
best friend, a man with whom he has held very
important discussions with, who just yesterday
McCain told that "we are all Georgians", a world
leader McCain claims, Georgia?, in an interview
with CNN's early morning news pulls the rug out
from under McCain and wants to know why McCain
is letting Georgia suffer after Georgia paid
something like $800,000 for U.S. protection.
Can it get any more embarrassing for McCain that

Yet, the crisis in the polls is benefiting
McCain. Go figure! MR, where do you think that
kool-aid punch bowl is, that all these dumbed
down citizens are getting their bamboozlement

Hey, speaking of 'bamboozlement', I just about
fell out of my lazy-boy Friday evening when none
other than Bill Moyers used that key word in one
of his stories. Your fame is spreading, man.....

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