Sunday, August 10, 2008

Theocratic Republican Party

As I have mentioned in previous comments,
the tradition Republican Party prior to say
1976 has been transformed over the past 30
years into the neoconservative Republican
Party. Whereas the previous Republican Party
from 1854 to recent times(maybe 1980 with the
election of Reagan)was a secular national
Party, the neoconservative Republican Party
of 2000-2008 has adopted narrowly defined
theological beliefs to represent a rigid

This is demonstrated by the following:
(1) The leader of the Republican Party, speaks to
God and tells the world that he does. God
"advises" him on the correct policy;
(2) The Party says that it is composed of true
believers and encourages religious institutions
to support and vote for its philosophy, programs,
and candidates;
(3) Republican Party says that all levels of
government structure should be guided by religion;
(4) Elected members of the Republican Party demand
that domestic and foreign policies should be
based on christian religious philosophy and
biblical views.

There it is - a first in United States history. We
have the first religious party in our history.
Is there little doubt then, why the neoconservative
Republican Party undermines the Constitution of the
United States? The Constitution of 1789 as written
by our Founding Fathers is inimical to a religious
national government. The change of the Republican
Party, 1975-2008, from traditional conservatisim
to the neoconservative Republican Party has meant an
important change in our domestic and foreign policy.
Domestic policy is now debated over christian religious
beliefs and foreign policy is based on evil vs. good
and who is to control the sacred lands of the bible.
In this concept of foreign affairs, diplomacy is not
needed. Military might and the use of surrogate
nations to form a "coalition of the willing" is used
to fight pre-emptive wars against any perceived "evil"
world nation.

The question now is will we let this stand, or will
the neoconservative Republican Party be seen for what
it is. Will the Democratic Party show this to the
people of the United States? So far, the record of
the Democratic Party, except for a few voices crying
in the wilderness(Kucinich comes to mind), has been
take an hands off position. Obama now waves the flag,
calls for maintaining and increasing federal funding
of faith based initiatives, an increased military
presence in Afghanistan, and possible interference in
the internal affairs of Pakistan. Where's the opposition?
Stiffled it seems!

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