Thursday, September 11, 2008

Brzezinsky On Morning Joe

Brzezinsky, a former national security
adviser to the president, again today
warned of an increasing U.S. involvement
in Afghanistan and Pakistan. In a long
interview for a show like 'Morning Joe'
Brzezinsky covered the world in his
assessment of what U.S. foreign policy
should attempt to be. If a copy of his
remarks could be found, posting it would
be of great educational value. One area
which he pointed out for improvement was
the U.S. education system. He said that
U.S. students are woefully inadequate in
geography of the world. He asked how can
we be meaningfully involved in the world
when U.S. schools don't provide the knowldege
of world geography. From my personal
experience, it is difficult for college
students to take a blank map of the U.S.
with only the boundaries of the states showing
to name all 50 states. We are to compete with
the rest of the world? We are to have a
successful foreign policy with such widespread
ignorance? Do schools teach georgraphy any

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