Monday, September 8, 2008


On Sept.5, Ohio sent out a mass mailing to all
registered voters. Did you get yours? Anyway,
if the mail is undeliverable and returned to
sender, this could disenfranchise hundreds of
thousands of voters. In March a similar mailing
had a return of 600,000 registered voters in just
five Ohio counties! The law says that one has to
vote where one is registered, if not, the person
cannot vote. A voter can return and cast a
provisional ballot, but in 2004 33% of 1.6 million
provisional ballots were thrown out. How many of
those were Kerry voters?

Moreover, the National Voter Registration Act forbids
any state from purging names from the voting records
within 90 days of an election. Ohio has sent this
mailing out with only 60 days remaining.

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