Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Do politicians ever LIE or do they always MISSPEAK?

"About that bridge to nowhere: I said, 'Thanks, but no thanks!'" Sarah Palin delivering that same line for the 8th time. Or, "The governor's jet- I put it on Ebay." The problem with both statements is that they do not represent the facts. I have no doubt that these two lines have 'energized' the far-right group that hides in the shadows of the GOP. It was like raw meat thrown to the wolves.

How many other Americans, beyond the far-right, were influenced by those two statements? How many were led to believe that Sarah Palin is a real reformer, a person who watched carefully how tax dollars are spent? How many may be inclined to vote McCain/Palin based on those two lines?

Sadly, I think many. I'm not sure that the American voter is too much smarter than where they left off back in November 2004. We are an easily led lot of people, making rash judgments and easily influenced by chicanery. Those two statements typify the tactics used over and over again by the Karl Roves of the political world. Tidbits of faux-fact thrown out for consumption.

The facts are: the jet was not sold on Ebay and was sold at a loss. Sarah Palin promoted the bridge, then, when public opinion changed, she was against it. But, she kept the money.

What fools we are. I'm afraid we will do it all over once again this November.

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