Sunday, February 22, 2009

"Faithful heading to church for money advice"

Faithful heading to church for money advice is a headline on CNN this Sunday morning. You gotta laugh just a little bit on the irony of this concept. Surely they aren't talking about those 'christian' cathedrals on TV with the oh-so righteous ministers begging the old ladies at home for a piece of the Social Security checks so that they can continue 'god's work.'

CNN says,

"Throughout the country, places of worship are not just offering prayers for the improvement of their members' finances. They are offering help in the form of classes, seminars and workshops. The programs are gaining popularity among the faithful who are seeking some stability in the midst of uncertain times."

At the church? The Christian church? Money-changes in the Temple? And why would 'the faithful' actually trust the church to give accurate, factual advice? After all, the Christian church has been selling its thinly-veiled, mythical 'story' to the congregation every Sunday. And now the faithful will go there to hear the 'truth' about finances?

Oh irony or ironies!

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