Sunday, February 22, 2009

Toledo Squawk Radio

There has been much ado about squawk , er talk radio here in Toledo lately. Again. Drone. Something about the Fairness Doctrine. Reminds me of the 'fair and balanced' joke of FoxNews.

Apparently there are 2 squawk radio stations on the AM dial in this area. AM radio? Is it still all crackly and full of buzzing when you step on the gas? I remember the radio my '55 Ford used to drone like a saw when I revved the engine while shifting.

The Blade has recently been writing about the 'balance' of viewpoints lately on AM radio, or rather the imbalance, way right-of-center. Today they published letters to the editor on the topic. Most were right-wing, naturally. Those of us on the left-of-center prefer that 'new' innovation, the FM dial

Here's an interesting dittohead comment:

"Since liberals already dominate the mainstream print and TV media, and now Washington, conservative radio is the only outpost remaining in the lonely wilderness of liberal gobbledygook."

Wow! The wilderness of liberal gobbledygook. Profound. Takes one's breath away. And he goes on:

"This "doctrine" is nothing more than a thinly veiled attempt to stifle the conservative and Christian viewpoint by adding so much clutter and noise that it drowns out the message. More government intrusion into the free market of ideas. Doesn't surprise me."

' much clutter and noise that it drowns out the message." The message? Clutter? Noise?

It's always a hoot on the right-side of life. Always a good laugh.

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