Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Gap Widens

Yes v. No. Progression v. Regression. Universality v. Exclusivity. Hope v. Fear. Pro-government v. Anti-government. Generosity v. Narcissism.

It becomes more apparent with each passing day that the divide between the Democrats versus those the Republican is widening each day, much like an earthquake fault line. The contrast between speeches last evening of President Obama and Governor Jindal was stark. The commentators on MSNBC last evening wondered, after hearing the President's speech, what Jindal would say; one suggested that he just say, 'No!' And, essentially, he did.

Today's GOP has become the party of 'No' and negativity along with bitter righteousness. House of Representative members especially have been distilled to their acerbic essence, settled permanently in safe seats in ultra right-wing districts. They have no worry about being re-elected over and over again and, as such, see no need to compromise on issues. They are ideologically cemented in their right-wing philosophy and see no need to be bipartisan and/or to work for the common good. They are obstructionist ideologues.

Fortunately, they hold only 181 seats in the HR, while the Democrats hold 254, which keeps the GOP in the minority perhaps for several years to come. The three moderate Republicans in the Senate have allowed that body to move bills through the 60-vote majority ruling that has become the rite-of-passage in that body. These senators, Collins, Snowe and Specter, have been denounced by the far-right as RINOS, Republicans in name only. Limbaugh suggests to his dittohead readers that these three be expelled from 'their' party. There is no room in the inn for Republicans not sitting on the far-right end of the spectrum.

Such is the current state of affairs in the American government and the GOP. America has moved to the center in its political thinking, leaving these ideologues to grumble and gravel in the past. Perhaps the GOP will succumb to the fate of the dinosaurs. While many would rejoice at this, a dynamic democracy cannot function with one-party rule.

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