Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Wisdom of a Taxi Driver and Ex-Plumber

Where oh-where did Joe the Plumber go
Where oh-where did he go?


Last time I saw Joe he was in a taxicab in DC heading for home and glad to get back home, he said. That was February 11th on Pajamas Media.

He has just finished interviewing the Pakistani cab driver on the effects of the new stimulus bill. Joe knows how to conduct a tough interview, that was obvious. Earlier he had also interviewed ultra-conservative senators DeMint and Colburn and hometown senator Brown. Curiously, Brown's interview was conducted while standing whereas the other two interviews were sit-down in the senators' offices. What was that all about?

Joe has trouble with math, he confesses: he understands millions, but, as yet, can't quite get trillions. So much for the third grade math proficiency exam.

He remains befuddled throughout the 5 minute report, but finds some sort of connection with the cab driver. Buddies, no doubt, shared wisdom.

I'm looking forward to his next TV spot on PJ-TV. Who will he interview? Which topic? What will we learn from the process? So many questions, so little information.

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