Sunday, March 22, 2009

Unwelcome Letter from Serious OCD Sufferer

In my mailbox yesterday was a letter that I deposited directly into the wastebasket without opening. In fact, I thought of burning it on my front porch rather than bringing it inside. The bad karma associated with it is clearly damaging to my spirit. It isn't the first time I've received one from the same author. He's terribly ill and an unprosecuted pedophile who escaped jail due to the statue of limitations. He benefited by the success of the Catholic Church's defeat of the proposed Ohio 'look-back' law that would have rolled back that limitation.

I know one of his victims; there were many others. He is a defrocked priest who has an odd attraction to death- he likes to attend funerals, especially ones associated with his victims.

The national survivor group, SNAP [survivors Network of those Abused by Priests], was begun by one of his victims. Justice has been meted out in many cases, but sadly, not for Toledo-born Barbara Blain.

The former priest, Chet Warren, has sent me other letters which end up in the trash. He is consumed with death and redemption of his soul. As I recall, his letter was peppered with references to Jesus and Mary and all of those nauseous ans trite religious phrases one hears from the uber-religious. Obviously, he is terribly mentally ill who is obsessed and disturbed by his past. He believes, I suspect, that if he sends enough letters and attends enough funerals, that he will be magically redeemed and will be cleansed enough to be beamed upward at his death.

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