Monday, May 4, 2009

Angels and Demons Ruffles Righteous Church Leaders

UK Telegraph

Angels and Demons, the film adaptation of Dan Brown's book, has caused a senior Bishop to warn that it could stir up anti-Catholic sentiment. They have accused director Ron Howard, who will attend the movie's world premiere in Rome on Monday, of distorting history for dramatic effect.

One bishop, who chairs the Church's Department of Evangelisation and Catechesis, said that Catholics were "getting tired" of the sensational stories and plot lines contained in Brown's novels and subsequent film adaptations. "I don't think that Catholics will be interested in seeing this as it's so far removed from the truth," he added.

Imagine: 'sensational stories and plot lines.'

Who can imagine a pregnancy induced by an angel on a virgin and that child, in adulthood, dying yet, three days later, rising from the dead and being lifted off the planet to another location in space where he lives on forever.

Yes, bishop, we are 'getting tired' of the sensational stores and plot lines.

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