Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Today School Tax Levies Await Defeat

It's election day in Ohio and the future of schools, teachers, and students are in the hands of the voters. Here in northwest Ohio a dozen school districts are asking their citizens to pass operating levies or other millage to maintain school performance.

It couldn't come at a worse time.  With 'tea parties' fresh on the minds of the anti-tax right-wingers, these school levies are in serious trouble.  Further, the generosity of the regular citizen will be tested in these economically dicey times as well.  The local school levy is as close to direct citizen action as it gets.  Up or down in one vote.  Yet I fear 'down' will be the outcome tomorrow morning- angry and/or nervous community members voting against the welfare of their own community, their own children.  Stunningly bizarre, incredibly idiotic, yet that one vote may be, in the mond of many, their only direct slap at the careless and haughty business and political leaders who have ground this nation into the mud.

On the backs of students and teachers they will vent their anger, their disgust.  Too bad it is the wrong target, the wrong cause.  These voters knew the accounting was awry over these past years, yet they played along, heads deeply buried in the sand, while the economy went to hell.

And now, as always throughout history, it is the children who suffer.

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