Saturday, May 9, 2009

Taliban-Like Christian School Forbids Attendance at Prom

Fundamentalists are a queer lot, to be sure.  One can understand how they continue to hold sway in ignorant cultures like Afghanistan, but when they operate in supposed advanced cultures their beliefs, rules and actions come as a surprise.  Right here in northern Ohio, The Blade reports today, a 17-year-old boy is threatened with school suspension and denial of graduation if he goes to the prom tonight.  

Tyler Frost, a senior at Heritage Christian School, said he plans to attend the dance with his girlfriend, who is a student at Findlay High.  Instead of graduating with his class May 24, Tyler will be suspended and given an incomplete on his remaining assignments if he attends the prom. He would be barred from graduation, but would be given a diploma upon successful completion of his final exams, the principal said.


The school has banned dancing, kissing, listening to rock music and hand-holding.  It is surprising that the girls at the school are not required to wear hijabs. Perhaps the school board ought to tighten up on the exposure of female hair, because the Bible says...

What is it about these fundamentalists and sex [or romance]?  The truly ironic thing about these goofy people is how often their pastors are found in beds with a person other than the wife.  Luckily for America, they are marginalized and becoming even more-so lately as their political party falls apart.

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