Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Trilobites vs. No-Lobites

On Hardball this afternoon, Chris Matthews came on strong against GOP representative Mike Pence of Indiana.  Matthews wanted Pence to admit that he did not believe in evolution and Pence spun like a top attempting to avoid answering it.  My head was spinning too.

The reason that Matthews wanted him to acknowledge that fact is that, according to Matthews, the GOP is stuck in science-denial because it has to kowtow to the religious right.  The Hardball host said that such an anti-science position clearly hurts the credibility of the Republican Party in the eyes of the citizens.

It must be difficult for the GOP to skirt facts and blur the line between science and creationism so that the christian fundamentalists continue to support their candidates.  Yet, as new science data pours in at such rapid rates, the GOP will find it more and more difficult to deny science facts for the sake of the religious right.

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