Thursday, May 28, 2009

Music Soothes Circumcision Pain- Sure!

LiveScience reports:

Music may help ease pain and provide therapeutic benefits for babies undergoing common medical procedures, including circumcision, according to new research.

Neonatal units are increasingly using music as a way to manage pain for babies during routine practices. It is thought that playing music helps calm babies and stabilize some of their vital functions. However, past research has not been strong enough to back up these claims.


Sooth the pain of having the foreskin of a penis sliced off? It's a barbaric practice anyhow. What dolt thought it a good idea, anyhow? Woops! "Circumcision is commanded in Genesis 17:10-14 as an outward sign of a man's participation in Israel's covenant with God, as well as a sign that the Jewish people will perpetuate through him. The commandment is incumbent upon both father and child - fathers must see that their sons are circumcised, and uncircumcised grown men are obligated to perform the rite."

So it is in Genesis, well, no wonder it is an ignorant idea. Lots of highly inhumane and brutal stuff crammed into those pages. The Jewish metzitzah b'peh ceremony is especially questionable and curious.

There is an organization with the strange name, Mothers Against Circumcision, whose website has much information on the subject. Horray for mothers!

Nonetheless, it seems that the heinous blood ritual will continue from father to son as a tradition of passage, replete with wailing boys receiving their first taste of what life has to offer them.

Music, huh?

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