Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sotomayor Nomination Puts GOP in a Bind

"Latinos rejoice in Sotomayor nomination" is the headline on CNN. They go on: In the wake of the nomination, Hispanics celebrated Sotomayor as a symbol of success and also as a reflection of the changing demographics of the country. In a sense, she is the Hispanic community's answer to Obama's narrative -- a sign that, as Lopez said, anything is possible in America if a person works hard enough, no matter their race or economic situation.

That puts the ever-shrinking southern white, male Republican Party behind the eight ball. If they filibuster the nomination or even look like they are attempting to obstruct her nomination, the GOP loses what few Latinos and Hispanics still remain in their party.

Women, too, will find it particularly disgusting when the male GOP senators find fault with her credentials and her accomplishments. Such a battle against her nomination will blow yet another large hole in the sinking barge known as the GOP.

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