Saturday, August 29, 2009

Changing Comment Permissions

Blogger allows the administrator to select certain opitions regarding comments. I have been using comment moderation wherein I must review the comments before publishing them. This takes time that I no longer wish to expend.

As a result, I am using the option that allows only certain email addresses to post comments. As I generally get comments from less than ten persons, this might work out quite nicely and it will reduce the number of comments that I must review each day.

I direct this post to the following 'regulars' whose comments I most often permit to be published:

• Engineer of Knowledge
• steve
• Mikeb302000
• Jack Jodell
• Sepp

Microdot, UptheFlag and History Mike are members of this blog and therefore already have permission to post comments here.

If the people whose names I listed wish to continue to post comments without moderation, please send me an email at my address: mud underline rake at hotmail dot com. This offer will close on Wednesday 2 September.



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