Thursday, August 27, 2009

Charter Schools are a Disaster

Even though it may have sounded like a good idea, the charter school concept in Ohio is a failure. Three Toledo charter schools have been forced to shut their doors due to poor results in the standardized testing used to access their progress. Not only that, but 15 are listed as in 'academic emergency. Two others are in 'academic watch.' There are 17 others in 'continuous improvement,' a designation of a school that functions below 'effective.'

Of the 42 charter schools in the Toledo area, 2 are 'effective.' Two. Two of 42 is 5%. Five percent.

The worst part of this scenario is the fact that the parents were duped into believing that sending their child to one of these schools would improve the performance of their child. The other part is that each of these schools sucks money from the Toledo Public School system.

Allison Perz, daughter of the former Ohio senator, Sally Perz, who pushed legislation for the charter school option in Ohio, opined that if they only had more time...

The Blade reports:

Allison Perz, executive director of the Ohio Council of Community Schools that sponsors Dunbar and Eagle Heights Academy in Youngstown, which is also closing, said the schools made "quantum leaps" toward improvement. "The changes that were made were just made too late," she said.

Just too late. Let me translate that: 'If we had known that our schools would be held to the same standards of the public school system, maybe we might have hired quality teachers to run them. ' And this: 'We hoped that we could scam the public without anyone noticing the scam.'

Scam. Pure and simple. Allison Perz makes 6-digits as does her mother who is an 'assistant' in the scam corporation. Cozy stuff.

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