Monday, October 19, 2009

Genesis in Comics! Robert Crumb

USA Today:

Behold! Robert Crumb has found God, or at least a hint
of what he looks like. With a mixture of anticipation and anxiety, the art world has been awaiting Crumb's long-rumored illuminated manuscript, a four-year, monastic-like effort to
adapt every word of the first book of the Bible in distinctive pen and ink.

he result, The Book of Genesis Illustrated by R. Crumb($24.95, W.W. Norton), out today, is a beautifully drawn and relentlessly faithful rendition of the first 50 chapters of the Bible by an apostle of the 1960s and sometimes profane progenitor of underground comics.

Crumb has produced what could be the ultimate graphic novel — using the Bible's sacred text to retell the stories of Creation and Noah's flood along with Sodom and Gomorrah, the family saga of Abraham and the collaboration of Joseph and Pharaoh.

Its 224 pages are sensual and violent, unblinking when it comes to incest and lust, and at times, like the Bible itself, mystifying. "Nothing left out!" shouts a cover blurb.


Nothing left out! Graphic representation of one of the most violent stories ever told. Just what eager, young minds need to read before bed. Like the one below where 'god' destroys the 'evil' cities [which just happen to be the enemies of the Jews, wink, wink!] and all the people and kids, too. And their grandmothers, and dogs. Even the farm crops, burned to a crisp!

That'll teach people not to mess with the Jews! Not to question the 'almighty!'

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