Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Lost World Museum: A Creationist's Dreamland

If you live too far from the Creationist Museum in Kentucky, there's another one in New York. The Lost World Museum in Phoenix, New York has just added a 'glorious' exhibit to its collection- the Chupacabra. The what? The Chupacabra is the vampiric "goat sucker" of Hispanic folklore! Or a hoax.

The Lost World Museum is 'dedicated to exploring the origins question through comparing and contrasting archeological, geological and anthropological evidences from both an evolutionary and creationist perspective.' Oh, the 'creationist' perspective?

In other words, the operators of the 'museum' hope to draw gullible Christians who hope like hell that Darwin was wrong. And bring their money to the gift shop where, no doubt, there are Noah's Ark baubles to buy.

In fact, the gift shop is on-line for those fundamentalists who can't make it to Phoenix. For $14.95 [plus shipping] the believer can purchase [great Christmas gifts!] action figures of Moses, Daniel, Noah, Goliath, David, and, in a nod to the women, Esther!

But wait! For an additional $14.95, you can purchase for the children the Two by Two Matching Game. The famous game Memory now has a new look. Noah's Ark picture cards give kids the chance to help Noah get all the animal cards matched and into the ark before the rain starts! Round tin lunchbox type case with clasp and carry handle contains 20 pairs of sturdy square cards for hours of playtime memory game fun! 2 by 2 from BIBLEQUEST is portable and fun for home or Sunday School. Recommended for children over age four.

I wonder if there is a Tyrannosaurus Rex in the Noah box?

Yet, one of the best gifts for the entire believing family is the comic book, The True Genesis Story of Creation! For only $2.95, you can brainwash your little fundamentalist children with this: Biblical archeologist Ron Wyatt states that the story of creation is precise, reliable and totally accurate. Part I takes you on a journey through the step-by-step process of the 7 days of Creation. Part II continues with this visual slideshow of the Flood, ice age and possible remains of Noah’s ark and the giant thumb bone of a pre-flood man!

Order several for all of your believing friends and their sponge brains.

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