Monday, October 19, 2009

They are a Nutty Lot

After my session with the Health Care booth, my wife and I were invited to dinner with some old friends. We love to discuss politics and the church and so my tea-bagger story, naturally, was told. After we all had a good laugh, their 21-year-old son, a senior at a prestigious university, made the casual statement that fundamentalists are a nutty lot.

Recently, one of his professors invited the CEO of a Texas oil exploration company [worth tens of billions] to speak to the class on the topic of leadership. The very wealthy man cited passages in the Old Testament that demanded that christians ought to become wealthy and that wealth was a sign from god that the person had god's blessing. In fact, he handed out a paper with the biblical quotations so that the students could 'verify' that what he told them was true.

The next day, the students were to write a 2-sided, single-spaced critique of the presentation. The student shared it with the assembled group. We all marveled at his wisdom. He 'got it' clearly and exactly. The student wondered where the NEW TESTAMENT fit into the oil man's scenario. Where were the beatitudes, for example? Where was Jesus's message for the poor, the down-trodden, the widow, the beggar in the script?

Then he said, quite sincerely, I don't think that those who call themselves 'fundamentalist christians' are Christians at all.

Imagine that! This student carries a 4.0 average in advanced studies and could demand a high-paying salary in June, when he receives his degree. Rather, he's going to join the Peace Corps after graduation.

Imagine that.

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