Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Colin Powell Speaks Again of WMD's. Anybody Listening?

Unfortunately for him and for us, he cried 'wolf! wolf!' once too often as he sat in the United Nations giving his presentation on WMD's. A few years prior to that, in 2001, he spoke of Saddam not having WMD's. Yesterday he spoke of Iran not having WMD's. So, asks the American citizen: why bother opening your mouth, Mr. Powell? You just confuse us when you do.

ABC posted the story of Powell and Iran.

No doubt, right-wing pundants have already spun his story into the Dick Cheney version of the facts: 'We don't want the smoking gun to be a mushroom cloud.' Yet, naturally, those 30% of Americans who cling to George Bush will nod approvingly.

No doubt the anti-war folks will note that Powell's words of 2001 regarding Saddam's impotence were dismissed by him in a political about-face to satisfy the neocons advising the naive governor.

Sorry, Mr. Powell, what you have to say to the American people is worthless. Your once-proud reputation is dirt stained with American GI blood.

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