Friday, November 23, 2007

Hole in Universe: Gateway to a New Universe?

Back in August of this year there was a story of a massive section of the universe that seemed to contain nothing. It said:

The universe has a huge hole in it that dwarfs anything else of its kind. The discovery caught astronomers by surprise.

The hole is nearly a billion light-years across. It is not a black hole, which is a small sphere of densely packed matter. Rather, this one is mostly devoid of stars, gas and other normal matter, and it's also strangely empty of the mysterious "dark matter" that permeates the cosmos. Other space voids have been found before, but nothing on this scale. Astronomers don't know why the hole is there.

In October of this year, as reported on the NY Academy of Sciences website, a conference was held during which the topic, "Why Did The Universe Start In Such An Extraordinarly Ordered State?" The speaker was Laura Mersini-Houghton, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill.

She and her team believe that what could cause such a gaping hole "is the unmistakable imprint of another universe beyond the edge of our own."

Another universe, or, rather the other biverse. Interesting stuff, especially if folks cling to the biblical version of 'things' created.

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