Monday, November 19, 2007

Noah's Ark Myth Linked to Global Warming

There was no angry God. There were no wicked people who were drowned. The righteous were not saved by God. The animals did not get aboard, two by two. Like all myths, exaggeration is key. Yet, when combined with religion, myths really soar to the absurd.

Today a paper was released that sheds new light on the Noah 'Flood.' The University of Exeter today released a paper called, 'Noah's Flood' Kick-started European Farming?" Rather than adding to the Ark myth, the paper notes: " because of the the impact of the collapse of the North American (Laurentide) Ice Sheet 8000 years ago, a catastrophic rise in global sea level led to the flooding of the Black Sea and drove dramatic social change across Europe."

The change that this flood of 34 years created was farming. "Archaeological evidence shows that communities in southeast Europe were already practising early farming techniques and pottery production before the Flood. With the catastrophic rise in water levels it appears they moved west, taking their culture into areas inhabited by hunter-gatherer communities."

Archaeologists estimated that nearly 73,000 square km of land was lost to the sea over a period of 34 years and displaced about 150,000 people living at the water's edge.

Odd how historical facts can get screwed up so badly by people hoping to use God as a tool of vengeance. The slowly rising sea levels story was twisted into a rather quick rainstorm of punishment, punishment sent by God to kill the 'unfaithful.'

The historic fact of rising sea levels that took a generation to fulfill maximum creep was passed on through word of mouth and, many generations later, was written down as God's wrath. Poor God.

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