Thursday, November 22, 2007

Toledo Mayor Signs Domestic Partnership Registry; Defies bishop

Toledo Mayor Carty Finkbeiner signed a law making Toledo the largest Ohio city to create a domestic-partner registry that allows same-sex couples a form of official recognition of their relationship. Toledo City Council overwhelmingly approved the measure last week.

The Bishop of Toledo tried to pressure the mayor into vetoing the measure by mandating the reading of his letter of disapproval to all Catholics in the diocese. In the letter, the bishop tried to frighten the citizens and the 'safety of the children' and 'traditional marriages' if the domestic partnership law were to be enacted. [see my previous post]

Bishop Blair's letter was a typical rant of homophobia, sounding much like the right-wing fundamentalist's scare tactics that they have been using in the political arena for many years. Luckily for Toledo, Mayor Finkbeiner did not fall for the malarkey the bishop was pandering. As a result, many couples in Toledo will be able to enjoy more financial benefits during their lives together.

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