Friday, December 28, 2007

America's Love-Affair With Dastardly Dictators

We really ought to have a dictator of our own because, apparently, we love them [to death]. Our dictator d'jour is Pakistan's General Musharraf. The Bush Administration has funded this dictator to the tune of $5 billion. How much is in his Swiss bank account?

Why do we love dictators? Do we secretly have a love-affair with strong men? Do we subliminally long for a king? Our history seems to prove it. Look at the list of dictators that the U.S. Government has funded to prop-up their power-hold on the people of their nations:

Pervez Musharraf
Saddam Hussein
Shah of Iran
Augusto Pinochet
Anastasio Somoza
Hugo Banzer
Saud family
Papa Doc, Baby Doc
Fulgencio Batista
Montt name the most obvious.

Why would a nation, the world's first democracy, a nation that fought a bitter war to gain its independence from a ruthless monarch, prop-up other sordid scoundrels around the world? For those of us who have paid atention in our history classes, we know. Which is precicely the problem for America: their history classes were most often a boring babble of dates and names which posed few challenges to the intellect. A nation of history-illiterates is the prize of scoundrels and other ignoble leaders.

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