Sunday, December 23, 2007

Hoover and Cheney?

I'll wager that Dick Cheney idolized J. Edgar Hoover. That Cheney thought Hoover knew how to deal with those 'un-Americans' who litter our landscape. "Lock 'em up!" That's how you deal with dissent!

No doubt-Cheney, no doubt, already worked out a plan similar to that unveiled today of J. Edgar Hoover to round up and detain 12,000 'dangerous Americans.' According to a newly declassified intelligence document, Hoover sent the plan to the White House on July 7, 1950. In it, Hoover asked President Truman to essentially sign off on mass arrests of individuals around the country -- about 97 percent of whom were U.S. citizens, the FBI director said.

Who would doubt that Dick Cheney has already suggested that plan, perhaps as far back as 2002? Surely, anyone who has not drunk the Kool-Aid wouldn't put it past this devious bastard.

Look at this Cheney-connection: "All of the names on the list had been compiled by the FBI over a period of 2 to 3 years and included individuals that the Bureau believed were potentially dangerous to national security. Hoover's plan was to arrest roughly 12,000 suspects and lock them up in military prisons like the one at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba."

Cheney's fingerprints are all over this one. And, for those whose Kool-Aid has not completely exited their system: "Hoover, seeking to achieve such status, asked President Truman to declare the mass arrests necessary to "protect the country against treason, espionage and sabotage."

'Dangerous to national security.' To 'protect the country against treason, espionage and sabotage.' Words that flow easily and often from the tongue of Dick Cheney.

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