Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Peace Zealot Sticks Her Neck Out Once Again

No doubt when she returns home from work, Sally Keller's answering machine will be filled with the usual vile and filth that she has become used to. They love to call and vent their anger, especially as she is a woman. Yet she continues expressing her opinion in quite the open forum of a letter to the editor in The Blade.

The same people call me when I have a letter published. The odd thing is that the callers are so skewed in their thinking that they negate their own 'logic' with each ugly word that flows from their mouth. The callers generally like the trumped-up propagandized sentence, "We're bringing freedom to them!" They also enjoy the classic, "Freedom is not free!" Sadly, they have drunk deeply the propaganda fed to them by Rove and Cheney.

Unaffected by their ideals, they deny the writer these very freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution. Of course, that document is getting rather tattered these days by this administration. Nonetheless, they carry on with their righteous pronouncements interspersed with a dozen or so expletives. Often they end with, "Why don't you go back to [ ] and leave America to real Americans."

One caller who vomited in my voice mail forgot to do *67 before his exploitive-filled rant, so I called him back. Shocked by my return call, and quite unprepared for a challenge, he hung up on me. The coward. I called back, but he took the receiver off the hook for the next hour.

Odd stuff; odd people. Anyway, here's Sally Keller's latest exercise of her First Amendment right:

Not surprising tapes of torture destroyed

I do not understand why Democrats in Congress are acting so surprised about the destruction of videotapes of Americans using torture.

This has been the most vile and corrupt administration in my 50 years, and the Democrats have rolled over and played dead since Sept. 11, giving this President unprecedented power. They continue to fund a war that is gouging the taxpayers and lining the pockets of the war profiteers.
Every American knows that torture is being carried out and 70 percent want an end to the Iraq war, a war that the leading Democratic presidential candidates refuse to address, and that two out of three voted for.

I am not in the least bit surprised that evidence of torture has been destroyed, and I am fed up with having my intelligence insulted, not only by President Bush but also by the people I have voted for to represent me in Congress.

Sally J. Keller
Sabra Road

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