Thursday, December 27, 2007

Ron Paul: "People are starving for the truth!"

Ron Paul said it on MSNBC this morning as part of his answer on why he is running for president. His statement is crystal clear and obviously true, but the timeless question still stands: what is truth? Clearly we will not find truth flowing from the tongue of a politician nor from most elected officials. There are few in Congress who stand before the citizens and tell the truth.

Which, of course, leaves the citizens of this republic uninformed and lied-to. Where is he truth? The media has proved itself untrustworthy, especially in the run-up to the Bush War. Radio talking heads present well-spun and pre-digested information to the listener. Blogmeisters wear their own colored glasses. Internet sites are often skewed. What's left? Word of mouth?

Yes, Mr. Paul, 'people are starving for the truth!' Do you provide it? Who does? What's a citizen to do?

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