Wednesday, January 9, 2008

BBC: "Six US troops die in Iraq blast "

The headline from BBC: Six US troops die in Iraq blast The story lead: Six US soldiers have been killed in a blast in an explosives-rigged house in Iraq's troubled Diyala province, the US military has said.

Six more. Two the day before. One on Friday... Trickle of deaths. John McCain told the folks in New Hampshire that he was the only one who supported the surge. "It's working," he crowed.

Working? Wasn't the surge supposed to calm down the violence so that the law-makers could nail down the political situation? Sure, that was the plan, but like all of the other 'plans' configured for the Bush War, few things work.

So there our young men and women sit, being picked off two-by-two or six-by-six, mediators in the civil war. We seem not to care much about it all. "Oh, THAT war." The concern for THAT war has fallen way down the list of important issues in this presidential election. Religion, taxes, border fences, immigration, all are discussed but few politicians want to bring up THAT war.

Does 'pathetic' cover it?

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